L'Ecole des Fleurs”, completely new activities for your employees and/or customers


High quality craft classes organised with flowers and foliage cultivated in France.



As a group of about twenty people maximum, you can compose bouquets, learn to sow, tell stories about flowers, etc… These are all relaxing and fulfilling activities that Helene and Béatrice can offer.

Craft classes are guided depending on the places and seasons, and the theme is set depending on the inspiration of the moment - tulips, peonies, small vases, table decorations...

Before each craft class, Helena and Beatrice pick the most beautiful flowers in the garden, and Popfleurs complete their flower collections with the help of French producers, mainly those from the Ile-de-France.

We introduce our three essential concepts (chic, natural and abundant) which gives the best success to Popfleurs’ bouquets.

You will discover flowers oozing energy with their vibrant and bright colors.

Then you will learn to look at nature differently, to observe the diversity and richness of the flowers and their foliage forms and structures. You will discover flowers oozing energy with their vibrant colors.

Then it will be your opportunity to play with nature by using your creativity. You will choose a vase and flowers – as if you have had picked them yourself - and learn how to make bouquets like you’d always dreamed of. We will advise you throughout the craft class in the brightest and most dynamic way as possible.

You will leave with your best bouquet and a bag of your favorite flower seeds to continue the adventure elsewhere.


Craft Classes can take place in a company or in a particular place (during a seminar day or in support of a team building day for example).

Flowers, vases and all small equipment are provided.

Quotes depend on location, duration and number of people.


Classes can be held in English.

Contact us at 09 70 68 98 40 or by mail to


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