Popfleurs arose from the need to bring nature to the heart of our towns.

Learning how to observe the landscapes, to choose flowers and foliage and to create garden flower bouquets brings such joy to life that we will have only one desire: to start to do so.

Being Landscape Gardeners for 10 years, we imagine flowers that grow naturally, and seasonal bouquets of rare varieties. Since 2011, we have cultivated flowers on Helene’s Farm growing throughout the seasons (yarrow, honeywort, masterwort, widow flower, spurge, laceflower...) which are beautiful, rustic, elegant and spontaneous garden flowers.


In 2014, we created “L’Ecole des Fleurs”: floral workshop crafts taking place during seminars or events, and once a company has a garden or terrace, we create gardens of flowers for cutting with employees.


Touching flowers makes people happy

"Contact with nature makes us happy and makes us feel a world of good, so much so in medicine we start talking of “Vitamin V": V as Vert “Green”. Nature represents to humans a vital source of mental and physical health, and not just because it provides us with food and medicinal plants; its mere presence is for us "therapeutic". “And do not forget to be happy”. ABC of positive psychology - Christophe André - Ed Odile Jacob.

Numerous studies since the 90s show that looking, feeling, and smelling flowers and foliage affects your mood and concentration:

“Contact with plants and the simple evocation of nature relaxes and makes us more efficient ... Why nature makes us feel good” - Nicolas Gueguen and Sebastien Meineri - Ed Wiley.



  • Frees the mind, stimulates the senses
  • Develops creativity, pride is associated with success
  • "Encourages team cohesion, talk, sharing advice, learning from others'
  • “When gardening heals” - Dr. Denis Richard - Ed Delachaux and Niestlé.
  • "The contact with plants and the simple evocation of nature relaxes and makes it more efficient ..."
  • “Why nature makes us feel good” - Nicolas Gueguen and Sebastien Meineri - Ed Wiley.
  • Sharing knowledge and expertise
  • Being in contact with nature can reduce absenteeism by up to 10% in a company (studied by the University of Oregon in the US)
  • Customise activities by working alongside the seasons and company events
  • Laugh to improve relationships in businesses
  • Why not embellish work life with flowers in the company's colors
  • Reconnecting with the values of the earth

Our activities are guided depending on the places and seasons, and the theme is set depending on the inspiration of the moment - the fantastic annuals, peonies, summer flowers, small vases, Christmas wreaths, table decorations... We pick for you the most beautiful flowers, the finest leaves from our garden and we complete our flower collections with French producers, mainly those of Ile-de-France.

Those who trusted us


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